Dear Nephews-

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Dear Nephews- 
You’re so little now,
but soon you’ll see how
fast time goes by.
I know, the world seems so big and you’re probably just wondering when mom’s gonna walk back in the room.
It’s true..
she’d doing anything for you.
Dear Nephews- 
One day you’ll do great things
and you’ll have different views of what “great” means,
but just know one thing:
You can do anything.
Dear Nephews- 
There may be times
where you’ll have a lot on your mind,
but I’ll just be thinking of that elevator ride
up to the hospital room on Dec. 23.
There was a voice I heard
in my head that day.
Every so often my mind will replay,
“When you come back down, you’ll never be the same.”
I’ll say.
Dec. 23 my whole world changed
because I love you more each day.
For Joel & Les Eaton.

#featuredpoem: Train words 

I know a girl. She likes the rain. 

She’s watching life

From inside trains.

In lands unknown,

Where the earth unfurls,

Dead men prepare

To turn the world.

A high decree

From altar looms,

They hear the echo

From inside their tombs.

With cranks and rotors

They turn the soil,

It starts to spin

Like one vast coil.

The girl, she watches,

As towns go by

This rolling works,

To pacify.

She seems aware

Of the analogy

That all of life is elegy.

By Marco Martinez

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When the Weather Brings us Together 

A wise person once said, “We could all take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.” 

He was getting ready to go to work. He had a suit on, his briefcase in hand. It looked like a normal workday in Denver, Colorado—covered in white. He locked his front door, approached his Lexus, and shoveled his vehicle out of the snow

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“Sending positive thoughts..” Sometimes it’s just not enough

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I prayed for Las Vegas… but then I went on with my day. And that’s the problem.

We were struck with tragedy in Las Vegas this past weekend…

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Share your Story


We want to take this moment to say to the people of Las Vegas and anyone who lost a loved one the night of Oct. 1., that we’re with you and we’re hurting with you. We invite anyone who was there that night to be a guest author on our blog and share their story.

Writing is not only therapeutic for the author, but to all who read his/her written works. We have love for you today and always. For information on how to share your story, just leave a comment (to the left of this post) and we we’ll reach out to you. #PrayforVegas Continue reading “Share your Story”



49 final

In honor of the recent tragedy in Orlando, Fl.

Words cannot express our heartache. To all those who lost loved ones this past weekend, please stay strong and know that we love you.

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