The Artist Spotlight: Soul Searching with Susie Felix


“The best part about art is looking at my painting and knowing I physically made something beautiful come to life.” –Susie Felix

Part of the reason why we started this blog is to inspire people to explore outside their boundaries, and not with just our work, but by the works of our peers. We hope our readers can look at an artist and appreciate them for what they createwhile simultaneously feeling inspired to dream up a creation of their own; And while we celebrate the works of local artists, we also hope to tell a little bit of their story.

A wise person once told me that a good artist wears her heart on her sleeve, or her paintbrush; and Susie Felix of Orange County, Ca. Does just that.

[This painting means so much to me. It represents me breaking through, and finally feeling like I’m painting something for myself. As crazy as that sounds, I’ve felt exhausted working on what other people want. Even though I get to be creative (and I love it), it’s still not entirely me. I’ve felt like I lost my special spark. But with her, I’m slowly getting it all back.]

The best artists know how to relight the flame when the spark goes out.

Not many people can say they do what they love and get paid for it. It’s a blessing few people get to experience, and a testament to your skill level. When she’s not pouring her soul into her paintings, she’s working as a sign artist at Trader Joe’s. I met Susie 7 years ago when we were working at Disneyland. Seeing her room covered in masterpieces was fascinating. The chaotic and artistic ambiance I felt is a feeling I won’t forget, and a memory that always comes back when I look at her paintings.

A good artist has the ability to leave a lasting impression on all those who come across their work.


“The reason I love to paint is to share the beauty I see. And in the end the best part is looking at my painting and knowing I physically made something beautiful come to life,” she added.

Perhaps the most unique part of Susie’s art is that each piece looks as though there’s a special memory or story behind it. You can really see her soul through her art work.


“I can’t help but love getting lost while painting, and not being able to let go of the brush because I’m so focused on perfecting my vision.”

Susie Felix: Painting with soul, depicting love, creating magic.

-This artist profile is part of an ongoing series titled “The Artist Spotlight,” a series that hones in on the artistic talents of individuals whose paths we cross throughout our journey. If you know an artist who’s worth being featured, send them our way by commenting below! 



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