Go. Eat. See. Live. Stay Healthy. While one goal is to celebrate travel and exploration, we also make it a point to record the moments of realization that come from such experiences. In between blog posts about cool bars, fun coffee shops and beautiful views, we hope to share our own observations about health and healing through local art and storytelling.

Close to home or far away, adventure’s out there and it’s a lot easier to find than people think. You don’t need to be hundreds of miles away to explore and find yourself, of course if you are, this blog is for you too.

Whether you’re taking a quick train ride to a different county, flying a few states over, or adventuring to a foreign country, you somehow discover more of yourself, and ultimately, leave a piece of yourself behind.


We’re stoked you found us! Pacific Coast Publishers is a Southern California-based publishing company specializing in content writing, editing & proofreading, marketing and custom publishing services. A young publishing firm, one goal is to use writing and publishing to help businesses and organizations grow through content writing, event reporting, PR, and other marketing services. Another goal is to help writers tell their stories through poetry and creative writing, something we find necessary during a time like this.

Nestled in Newport Beach, CA., and in a world of fake news, Pacific Coast Publishers is a new kind of publishing company.

“Bringing honor to the written word, while making sure readers are informed, entertained and enlightened. A unique publisher in a politically correct world.”

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5 Replies to “About”

  1. Thank you for liking my post. I am an amateur writer with a passion for helping people find inspiration and encouragement. I love your writing–you cover some very deep issues. I love what you said–a writer says what people are unable to say–very good motto for myself. Thanks again.

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