Denver in December


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City View

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.18.03 PM

City lights adorn us.
Overwhelmed by the beauty before us..
This urban life is too glorious,
I love your city view.

Sirens, strange ones, and street art..
Mischief at the local park,
But this city will always be my heart.
Just take in that city view.

Sweet city, my friend when I’m alone,
To some, your streets their only home..
You shine your light on everyone.
Such a perfect city view.

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Why Every Young Adult Should Sit Down with their Grandparents

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My grandpa turned 80 on Saturday. It’s funny how fast time goes by– and right before our eyes. We’re in the midst of a huge generational shift and our elders, who we constantly like to joke about how they know nothing about our dear social media platforms, are holding the one thing that is most valuable: Experience.

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